The Power of Protein
In Crave Dog Food

Proteins are essential nutrients used to promote muscle development, aid in digestion, provide energy and support a healthy immune systems in all animals. During digestion, the body breaks down dietary protein into amino acids. Different species have different daily requirements for amino acids. Dogs and humans have similar protein requirements.


Dietary Sources for Protein

Real meat is highly palatable, but lower than meat meals in protein density. Meat meal is concentrated by cooking away water and some of the fat from fresh meat. Meat by-product meal is similar to meat meal, but sometimes contains other animal tissues. Plant protein is made by removing the starch components of certain grains or vegetables.

Meat First Crave Dog Food

Crave recipes use a combination of animal and plant proteins to balance the amino acid levels in our dog food. We use highly digestible, quality proteins from sources such farm-raised chicken, pasture-fed lamb, fish and pea protein. Find the right Crave dog food with high-quality proteins for your dog.